Curve Cash and other payment card


If I make a purchase for £30, and my Curve Cash has £5 in it and is currently selected as the active card. Once I go to the checkout at the retailer does the curve app then prompt me to select an alternative card to complete the remaining £25, not sure how exactly this process works.


No, the Curve card will decline the transaction due to an insufficient account of Curve Cash

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Thanks, Curve support told me the opposite, they said I have to select a card in my settings, though I knew this didn’t make sense as you can only select Curve Cash OR another payment card.

So essentially you cant combine a debit/credit card with Curve Cash towards a purchase. It has to be either or and Curve Cash would have to cover the full amount of the purchase.

Correct. One option is to do something where you can set the amount yourself, eg an Amazon topup or a variable amount gift card.

Or, use!

Ah yes, forgot that option too - haven’t accrued much Curve Cash in a while! Have 6 empty slots and not picked retailers yet…

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