✅ Curve cash balance bug


Actually on Curve cash 90 days offer with black legacy, I had my curve cash balance stuck at 420 CPT.
The support advised me to reinstall the app which unblocked the balance.
Out of curiosity I have done an extract of my transactions (.csv) with a filter on Curve cash transactions.
The balance is not up to date and some money is missing. I have reported the case but did not get any answer.
Could you guys check if you’re also experiencing this?

I’ve not had anything Will, but give the support team a chat!

I’ll forward this to the relevant team.

Thanks for flagging it, @Will.

Could you send screenshots to support@curve.app and send the .csv as well if that is okay with you?

Hello Tobias,

Just sent the info.

Thank you for your help

Thank you Will.
Please can you also send us the raw .csv file, the one that app generates?
Many thanks,

Done! :slight_smile:

It’s been fixed!

Thank you :+1::grin:

Problem fixed