Curve cash base currency

Dear Curve team. It’s possible to change curve cash base currency from GBP to EUR? Cause if i receive euro to my curve cash, it convets and holds cash in GBP.

Currently it is not possible to change the currency of your money in Curve Cash as it’s fixed as one point = 0.01 GBP. Other people can vote on your idea here. Take note, however, that using Curve Cash card to receive money from Curve Send is a temporary solution and will probably be abandoned in the future, so currency conversion will not be that much of a problem then.

mmm… same request here. Not sure how can I spend 5gbp from curve cash if my base currency is EUR. There is no way how to know how much is 5gbp converted to euros in this exact moment.
P.S Btw, is it possible to take out cash via ATM from “curve cash” ?

No, that is not possible.