Curve cash broken

Hi. I have no earned curve cash at my selected retailers since February 16th.

Is Curve Cash working for anyone else on their selected retailers?

It is working fine on my side.

Yeah, I periodically got no cash from some of my selected retailers. e.g. I had two periods of nothing from M&S earlier this year - see separate thread

To be fair to Curve customer service, each time I flagged this to them, they did a manual adjustment and I got all my missing cashback within a couple of days

Thanks. I am waiting for a week for this correction and a fix. I’m still not receiving curve cash from my selected retailers.

It can happen because of a misconfigured POS terminal on the merchant side. Last year I choose a different merchant because of a similar issue.

Mine are Tesco, Amazon and Uber. These were all working correctly until 16th Feb.

After this, my Tesco, Uber and Amazon transactions are not getting any curve cash. Something seems to have changed or broke rather than Tesco, Uber and Amazon all having changed something.

Weirdly, I’ve got minuscule curve rewards from retailers I haven’t even selected, like Gusto. It’s a weird bug.