Curve cash card isn't there

Hi my card came today, I activated it but in my wallet tab the Curve cash card doesn’t appear, only my added cards. Is there something more I should do?

No, you shouldn’t do anything more, Curve Cash Card just should be there. I guess it is a bug, that has returned :point_down:t2:

Ok so yesterday I contacted support about this but haven’t received any answer back. How long it usually take for them?

Give them time to respond, they have many tickets.

Someone responded me like 12 hours ago and said that he will look into and he will get in touch soon, yet I haven’t got an update since then? How much time this usually takes? I don’t want to seem impatient or anything like that, but I take that “soon” doesn’t have the literally meaning for this? I know they are bussy with other tickets but I hope they don’t forget some of them, like mine in this case.

I have the same problem…

Same here.
And I have 3 friends with the same problem.
I remember I’ve set up the three retailer when I first configured my app.
I have registered with a promo code which looks “pending”.
We’re waiting for any kind of answer.

Hi @nattesh, welcome to the community!
You mean the ref bonus?

Yes, correct.

Have you tried making a purchase with the card you associated with Curve?

The retailers option never showed up for me. My first ticket someone said that will look into it and be in touch soon, not even now I received an update, second ticket someone said the same thing and after a little while in the same ticket said that someone stepping in for the first person(in the same ticket), ok I waited, but not even this, the second ticket received an update. I mean I can’t even have acces to my 5£ reward from the friend code after I made my first payment with the Curve card cause of this problem. What do I have to do for a problem like this to be resolved? I see that waiting for them to keep me updated at what they do even isn’t an option anymore, I feel like they giving up on these tickets or most probably forget about them?

Have you tried to answer the ticket, asking if they have any news?

Yes, I asked on both of the tickets for some updates, haven’t received any. Made another ticket today, received an answer a few minutes ago from another person that they still look into it and they are sorry about the delay. I am not sure how much of a problem like this can take for like those 3-4 people that responded to me at first that they look into it, but it sure looks like a lot of trouble just to give me the option to finally have the cashback card? How much someone usually waits for a problem like this to be resolved? It sure doesn’t look like much that they can look into, I just have this only issue.

I don’t think they forgot about you, they are investigating your problem! I assure you, that as soon as they have some news, they will reply.

After this latest response from my third ticket I feel like they indeed didn’t forgot about me. What made me have some doubts was that I never received an answer back from my first 2 tickets after asking them for some updates. Lets just hope I won’t have to wait much longer until they have fixed this issue…

Not with the physical card.
I’ll try.
It sounds strange to me anyway, since this requirement isn’t stated anywhere.

How did you try to pay?

There is more info :+1:

This isn’t a requirement for the Curve Cash Card to show up in the app. This is clearly a bug.
But it is a requirement to ‘unlock’ your £5 bonus. For this both in-store and online payments can be used. There is no minimum amount you should be spending.

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Any news regarding this problem?

So you say your Curve card cash isn’t showing in the wallet tab along with your other cards, the problem is like mine you said, right? I didn’t had any problem with paying with my curve card online and after that receiving the 5£ reward for the first payment, I received a notification that I received those money, but I can’t access them cause I can’t access the Curve cash card in the wallet.