Curve Cash Charity Donations

Charity Donations With Curve

Hey everyone,

Our team have been discussing possible charitable uses for Curve Cash this morning and we’d love to get your feedback on whether you’d consider giving the cashback that you earn to charity! :blue_heart:

Here are some immediate thoughts on how a system for this might work:

  • You could manually choose to make payments to charity through the Curve app using your Curve cash.
  • Curve cash could be automatically donated after reaching a certain value in the app.
  • We could implement a round-up system which charges you to the nearest pound when making a transaction. The amount charged for the round-up would be moved to Curve cash and donated to charity.
  • You could receive a recap of how much you’d donated monthly through the insights tab.

Let us know what additional ideas you have below and whether you’d be interested in donating to charities through Curve.


I would prefer to to manually donate my Curve cash to a charity of my choice, also hoping to have a wide variety of Charities to choose from.

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Will this be just UK charities or will you be looking to work with ones based around the EU too?

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This would be a great feature even if you don’t want to donate to charity!

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I don’t know how the Curve team came to a conclusion that this was a feature that customers wanted?


I like the idea, but the Cashback is why I paid the big bucks for the Curve Metal! And I still need to spend a lot to get enough Cashback to pay for the subscription.


I agree. I am not sure why people would prefer to donate their cashback. This is the reward that I have either paid for (via metal) or hard work (i.e, search and activate relevant offers).
If I wanted to donate money to charity I wouldn’t bother wasting my time activating offers.

I do charity and love the idea but I prefer to do charity to the causes that are close to my heart. I am not sure if there is any value in curve spending time on developing this feature.

If the point is to earn points or showcase the company having great CSR/ESG values, this may be a good option. But apart from that I don’t think many will opt to pay their rewards towards charity. And eventually they may also stop seeing value from Curve (as they will stop to see rewards as something they are earning).

That is my view.


Hey everyone, thanks for your great feedback, this has been really helpful! It sounds like these are the key points in response to this concept:

  • Users would prefer to give to charities independently than through a company.
  • Curve cash earned through cashback on premium tiers or through rewards isn’t significant enough to also give it to charity.
  • A round-up system to the nearest pound which saves to Curve cash may be valuable independently from a donations feature.
  • Charities would need to be varied and possibly also localised so that users are donating to the causes they value.

I’ll pass this feedback onto the relevant team, thanks again for everyone’s help!

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Lol, the Curve team is truly out of sync with their customers. Do you really think we spend a monthly fee + big bucks of our hard-earned money to just give up the cashback like that? I’m all for charity, but not like this. 100% agree with @dhulharsh


100% agree.


I am not sure about round ups either. I use round up at asda checkouts or when placing orders via dominos (to pay towards charity). But not always.

I would have suggested to allow max charity per month option to allow me to cap donations. Worth considering if you eventually decide to build on this feature.

Hope this helps