Curve Cash Design

I can’t find where I last raised about the Curve Cash Card design, but just noticed my girlfriend (who is not on Beta) has the new design that’s being used in new marketing material. When is that being rolled out for Beta users?

Also to add, my Curve Cash section has not changed as per the new refunds process that’s been announced? Anyone else? I’m on Beta 3.5.1

Hi there,
I noticed the same, uninstalling the app and reinstalling seemed to give me the new design. The refunds process is actually what brought me to the forums today…I believe that after the issues with you know who, refunds are still not completely working. As I understand, you can currently receive refunds onto your curve cash card, but cannot yet transfer the money to one of your cards until this has been rolled out.

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Thanks! Uninstalling and reinstalling has worked for changing the card design! I will sit tight for the roll out fully of the new refunds process then! Cheers for your help.

how can i change curve GBP to PLN i do not use GBP


I’m not part of the Curve team but hopefully they can help you out! - @Hannah

That’s correct - the latter functionality is being worked on :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s not possible to change your Curve Cash from GBP at the moment but we’re going to start working on adding more currencies soon!


i hope new currencies will be available soon. i am waiting for PLN in curve cash!

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