Curve cash disappeared

I had over £400 worth of curve cash in my account after a refund on my credit card. I messaged support about it being refunded onto my card but they are unable to do that until the update this feature. Customer support suggested losing the cash onto a pre paid card and paying my credit card off with that. I have a Revolut card and I tried to load my curve cash onto there. At first I didn’t have my curve card selected so I cancelled the transaction. Then I tried it and it asked me to verify my postcode, I did. However, it has made my curve cash disappear and the caption states I input the wrong postcode, I didn’t put a space between the numbers and this what I think is wrong. I tried two more time after this and I got the message insufficient funds. All transactions on my Revolut card say the payment was decline, including the one where I input the wrong postcode. Why have my points gone and how do I get them back? Will they be returned when the two companies sync their records and see that it hasn’t worked?

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I’m guessing what’s happened here it that you’ve entered the wrong postcode so the transaction failed. however, the authorisation has still gone through and is ‘holding’ your Curve Cash. Don’t worry though, this will either reverse automatically within 7-14 days or you can get in touch with our support team at and they’ll be able to speed up the process for you! I’d also recommend asking them to check your postcode on your account to make sure you’re entering the right one next time.

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