Curve Cash Merchants Display

Hello, I have just joined this week and am confused on the use and display of the 6 selected cash back merchants.

But first… I am Not able to change after the initial selection? That would have been very good to know up front!

My question - After making the selection there seems to be no way to review what was chosen?

What screen am I missing that would show the 6 I am now stuck with forever?

Best regards.

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I think it is quite logical to allow selecting only once, otherwise if you could just change your merchants before each payment, that would be equivalent to offering cashback for payments at every merchant on the list.

In Wallet, scroll to your Curve Cash card, then tap the settings gear next to the bottom right corner of the card:

It should take you to the Card Information screen, here under Features tap Curve Casback and that should show you the list of your selected merchants.

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I agree this is something that should be made clearer to new customers - I think @Curve_Marie has said it is something that is being considered.

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I would also like the ability to change them, especially because they are adding new merchants all the time and we seem to have lost the ability to select only a few merchant slots (when I upgraded to metal I had to choose all 6, which means I had to pick at least two that I will very rarely use)

Many thanks for taking the time to respond.

I am missing something simple I guess?

As for the idea that Curve is right to not allow changing due to misuse or whatever… my point was that I was not aware at all that this was “final and unchangeable” In the UI / UX. I would prefer to see a warning that states “are you sure… be aware…”.

There should be a an option there to see your merchants. It’s definitely there on Android. If it’s not on your iOS version, I suggest you submit a bug report to support or in the community section for it.

Hey :wave:

I also had an issue with the selected retailers not showing however after the most recent iOS update it’s working fine.

Have you got the most recent update on your app?

And in relation to your question about changing your selection, send the in app support a question in relation to this and they may be able to look into changing them as they review it on a case by case basis!

Hope this helps! :relieved:

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Will do that, thank you.

That’s entirely logical, but:

I would not have chosen my six merchants if Curve had informed me that I would never be able to change them.


Why choose them in the first place then?

Because it’s all or nothing. Or at least it is currently.

So if you want to choose 4, you have to choose 6. And hope that you’ll ever use the other two.

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Because why not? I chose the six merchants at which I believed I was most likely to use Curve. But I haven’t used any of them yet. If I had known that I couldn’t change them, then I wouldn’t have rushed to choose them.

Exactly this point… If I had known that this was permanent I would have paused and placed some thought in the decision. I was actually sitting on a busy commuter train playing around “with my new toy” and learning the system and had no idea that this was going to be “forever”.

I am only suggesting that the UX \ UI design needs to show a confirmation check box of the choice being permanent.

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Yes there should be an option to pick and few and then add to it. Maybe also every 6-9 months the option to chane them too.


Many topics and posts have been started and posted on this subject (being able to change the chosen retailers) before, some going back to last summer. I have argued in the past that after you have changed address you should be able to change retailers, because your regular grocery store (that is one of your selected retailers) that once was just a couple of steps from your door can be miles away after you have changed address.

Nice summary post by @ediflyer:

One of the topics on this subject is in the ideas category, so can be voted for… :bulb:


Welcome to the community @Fawnlake1 :wave:

As @Bradley said, an update normally does the trick with these pesky bugs but if it doesn’t make a difference, drop our support team a message at

Thanks for your feedback on changing retailers - it’s a discussion that comes up a lot so the team is working on making things clearer :+1:

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Many thanks, yes the update today sorted the issue for the retailers display and I will now wait for the option to change retailers in the future. Thank you.

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