Curve Cash METAL, Currency overcharged on Play Store, and Refund less money

At 12 October 2020, I did make a purchase for 49USD (3786 Points), the customer did make a refund cos they got the item Out stock, after that a friend send me 50Euros (46,39Pounds / 4639Points) to make a 49.99USD purchase (that item that I didn’t got at first store I gotta official page of product).

Curve charged me 4900 Points (a lot more of 49.99USD),

My First refund on store that was a purchase of 3786 Points (49.99USD) got an update on APP (Not E-Mail) that it was refunded, and its only 0,49Pounds!!!

After that, yesterday bought 9.99USD (768 points) and 8.99 USD (691 points) on Google Play Store.

Today I received an Update of that transactions, I go ir changed from 768 Points To 999 points
And 691 Points to 899 points

Simple maths, its charged as 1 Pound = 1 USD

Verified with Google, and its showed that everything was charged on USD, the bank (curve) make the currency ex.

This is a seriously problem, more if I want to buy something big. I’m Metal User since some long time, and I was complete happy with curve also I have move some friends to use curve, but this is a great problem

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