Curve Cash - Missing Points

How do I go about claiming Curve Cash that is missing from my account?

Specifically, I made a purchase from one of my 6 chosen preferred retailers, the transaction is visible against the card, but the “Points” have not appeared in the Curve Cash section of my wallet

They will sort you out! :+1:

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Thank you!

fyi, if the retailer transaction still says pending, you won’t get the points. So the transaction must be completed, then usually you should be awarded automatically the curve cash.

The payment has been taken from my Bank Account, so it’s beyond that stage I think

In my experience, points are added almost immediately. Only one of my retailers does not have the brand explicitly in the payment information so I always send a picture of the receipt with a request, through the in-app chat, so that they can add the points manually - usually within a couple of hours once they get the message. Kind of tedious but I’ve been promised that the engineers are working on adding this retailer to the list so that the points are added automatically.

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I’ve had a ticket open since July 29 regarding missing points, is this normal or have I fallen through the cracks in your chat system

Hello Paul,

I’d recommend contacting them again for them to look into it :slight_smile:

Nothing back from Support via email or via the app…

This is a £98 transaction, which appears against my card in the App, but I have not received the Curve Cash reward despite it being one of my chosen Retailers

Will do. Thanks

All sorted…

Apparently this occasionally happens when the retailer doesn’t have the name of their shop on their payment terminal, or they put through a pre-authorisation charge, as their system can’t recognise it as a member of the rewards programme.

Very pleased with how quickly this was resolved :slight_smile:

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Glad this is all sorted! Feel free to contact support@curveapp if there are any delays in your rewards points being applied in the future :blush: