Curve Cash part-payments? Also, does Curve Cash expire?


Does Curve Cash expire? I got a £10 sign up bonus but don’t plan on spending it until the end of October.

On a related note, I’d like to know if it’s possible to part-pay with Curve Cash. There’s some stuff I want to buy from Amazon and it’d be nice to use up the Curve Cash I have, then pay for the rest on my regular card. Is this possible?


Hello there, I don’t believe Curve Cash does expire so if you don’t use it you won’t lose it.

I don’t think it’s possible to part pay for a item using Curve Cash on Amazon, as I don’t think Amazon takes payment straight away. They take payment when the item is ready to be delivered. Maybe they have changed but when I last used it that’s what happened.

Sorry I could not give you better news regarding Amazon.

Top up your Amazon gift card balance

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That’s actually not a bad idea, I might do that! Thank you!

Hey @samcrxss, welcome to the community!

To confirm, no your Curve Cash points do not expire and currently it’s not possible to split payments between an underlying card and Curve Cash, but this is something we’re looking into for the future! :smile:

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If it’s a card that has a top-up option (eg. Revolut, Monese, Transferwise), you can use your Curve card to transfer (a portion of) the Cash stash to the service you use. I did that only to try Curve’s options. 8)

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A similar question. I earn some cashback from the Curve Cash program. Can I transfer it somewhere or is using up from Curve Cash card the only option?

You’re a beta tester, don’t you have the beta feature of transferring credit to your debit cards?

Thank you buddy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it. I spent it “normally” today ie. from Curve Cash.