Curve Cash Retailers Removed?


I’m reviewing the list of Curve Cash retailers, and it appears that the entire Travel category has been removed :astonished:

This means, BP, Shell, easyJet, Four Seasons Hotels, Gett, TFL, Trainline, Uber, Ratp, MVG Automaten, Norma, BVG, DB Bahn are no longer on the list.

While these still work for me (as I have an existing account with many of these selected), does this mean these are no longer available to new subscribers, or in the event that we were to change retailers?

Many thanks!

DB Bahn is still available…

But not in the official listing:

@Markus Are those your old / past selections? I’ve chosen several removed retailers, and while they are all still working for me, they are not on the web page.

I’m wondering if this is a mistake (and they’re on the app when selecting new retailers), or if they have indeed been removed for anyone joining or changing retailers going forward.

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in following up on this. I’ve been looking into this with the relevant teams and our travel cashback merchants are still available but have been removed from the website in error. I’m in touch with the team responsible for the website’s design and this should be fixed soon.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime and thanks again for flagging!

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