Curve cash rewards adjustments

I noticed Curve sends a notification and actually adjusts your curve cash balance when you receive a refund. I don’t remember them doing this in the past. This is how it should be, but it would be very helpful if they added a line item deduction of the rewards. As of now the points are just lopped off the top of your balance without a trace (after the push notification).

Additionally, I just did a GBIT for a purchase at Amazon and they deducted the points from me (as if it were an actual return). I could see if they were deducted and then credited again when changing cards (which still wouldn’t make a lot of sense). But no… just lost. That’s pretty messed up. I think the GBIT refund triggers this somehow.

Might be worth giving the support team a message :slight_smile:

This kind of mistakes happened to me a couple of times, as well as refunds or partial refunds for a date when I didn’t get Curve cash, but they were deducted because of the refund. This problem was always fix with a mail to Support.

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