Curve cash saving

You are asking people if they want to use curve cash before use of a specific card on curve ( that’s right isn’t it) ?

Heres one for curve likes to be all modern how about helping people save instead of spending, ie spend to save.

Its a simple thing you join forces with a savings account of say 1.5% and give customer choice to save curve cash during the length of that card.

After this they either take it out or reinvest it if they reinvest internally in curves saving scheme then that should be either a ISA or a account where cant touch again but can’t add neither but interest is set higher/ but the customer starts again from zero with a new card to save again the only time you can add to the higher interest is through a large deposit or the end of curve card curve cash.

Hope this makes sense

Uhm, sorry, but I didn’t get your idea, can you try to elaborate it?


If you have curve cash saved then instead of spending it maybe curve could give a saving rate on the curve cash, then when your curds in date it earns cash and interest on curve cash.

When the cards due date is due up you have a right to transfer whole amount to a higher rate interest and start afresh with a new card to save again

Ah OK, I get you now. Sadly 1.5% sounds like a very generous savings rate in the current climate - going by what NS&I just reduced their rates to I can’t see people getting more than fractions of a penny on their Curve Cash balances (which themselves will normally be pretty tiny).