Curve cash serious currency conversion error

I have received a number of refunds which ended up as Curve cash. I use the “pay automatically with curve cash if possible” feature which I guess is a decent response to not actually getting cash paid back to my original card.

However, the past weekend I have been seriously overcharged for my transactions. I do not have the actual transaction amounts / receipts at hand but my guess is that I have been charged in GBP instead of the conversion from SEK to GBP. In Swedish currency this translates to being overcharged at least 10 times for each purchase.

It seems like one person from Hungary has commented on this issue previously if google translate helped me correctly:

I have sent a message to support through the app about the issue but I suggest everyone who uses Curve cash to check their recent purchases.

Yes, it’s me. I am so sad because i am overcharged 414 times much (!!!) than the orginal purchase.

Wanted to transfer my money soon as possible, after receiving my chargback when realized 75% of the amount is gone…

So frustrating to check every single purchase if it’s correct or not?!

Thinking about stop using curve after that. it’s not a simple issue, i think.

You know there are a weekend fee?

A weekend fee for a thursday purchase? Oh is see… I have been credited 414 times much then the original purchase. That means i paid 414 GBP for 1 GBP purchase.

A weekend fee?

1 dollar purchase credited as 1 gbp purchase.

And i have HUF purchase also, so that means i paid 414 GBP for every single GBP purchase.

I hope not

It clear something are wrong

I did two purchases on Tuesday and one was charged the regular amount while the other was once again charged in GBP instead of the SEK to GBP conversion.

I have not heard back from support yet so I will have to stop using the Curve card or I will quickly run out of money.

And just now I received a reply from support that did not read my message and referred my to the weekend fees. Unless the weekend fees are 10 times the purchase amount that is not the issue.

At 12 October 2020, I did make a purchase for 49USD (3786 Points), the customer did make a refund cos they got the item Out stock, after that a friend send me 50Euros (46,39Pounds / 4639Points) to make a 49.99USD purchase (that item that I didn’t got at first store I gotta official page of product).

Curve charged me 4900 Points (a lot more of 49.99USD),

My First refund on store that was a purchase of 3786 Points (49.99USD) got an update on APP (Not E-Mail) that it was refunded, and its only 0,49Pounds!!!

After that, yesterday bought 9.99USD (768 points) and 8.99 USD (691 points) on Google Play Store.

Today I received an Update of that transactions, I go ir changed from 768 Points To 999 points
And 691 Points to 899 points

Simple maths, its charged as 1 Pound = 1 USD

Verified with Google, and its showed that everything was charged on USD, the bank (curve) make the currency ex.

This is a seriously problem, more if I want to buy something big. I’m Metal User since some long time, and I was complete happy with curve also I have move some friends to use curve, but this is a great problem

Did you contact the support team ?

Yes, waiting for answer.

For me curve corrected the amounts that i mentioned before. I transferred now almost everything from curve cash.

How do you transfer curve cash?

Through Curve support if asked politely :wink: or top up your Revolut account with your Curve card (with the Curve cash card selected as underlying card).

this is a serious bug, probably other systems are also affected: i’ve just made a purchase for 1405 HUF. normal purchase with one of my underlying cards (NOT curve cash). according to my limits showing in the curve app, i’ve spent 1405 GBP (instead of 3.5). so instead of 1 510 940 my daily purchase limit is now 3750 HUF. ridiculous :frowning:


that’s happened too me also. Contact support and transfer your money too from curve cash by using revolut top up.

but this is not related to curve cash. normal purchase with an underlying card

oh my gosh

@Curve_Marie, Can you take a look at this, please? It’s a serious issue what can make impossible to use the service very quickly.

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