Curve Cash Setup

Does anyone know how to contact help from Curve? Despite paying £150 for Curve Metal I never receive any reply from support. My problem is that I am trying to add retailers to Curve Cash but the “NEXT” button is greyed out. As Curve don’t reply it looks like going to the banking ombudsman maybe my only recourse unless anyone has a better idea. Any thoughts?

Hello @bunganator and welcome to the community!
You can contact support on the email address, or through the app you can send a ticket upon selecting “ report a problem” in the main menu.
About Curve Cash, if you could add a screenshot of what you see in the app it could be helpful for us to help you (also I recommend you to do this when you contact the support team). You probably already know this, as a metal user you can add 6 retailers of your choice from the list :wink:

Firstly, report a problem in the app does not work. That aspect of the app remains broken. Secondly, sending an email either results in a standard reply which does not help, or gets no reply at all (most often emails are ignored). Thirdly, adding retailers does not work - that is the problem I am reporting.

I would either like a months subscription to Curve Metal refunding, or for the cashback to be backdated. I would also like the issue to be sorted out and for customer support to contact me to facilitate this. Thanks

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What about sharing a screenshot with us (as you were kindly asked for by @surfinwaikiki).

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I’m happy to, but I have done already with no reply. Here’s another one - it’s quite possible I’m making a mistake. I just wanted help! The “Next” button is greyed out.

Thanks, Andrew

Have you selected 6 retailers? On my phone I could only see 4 icons for retailers where you see 5 and I had to scroll the icons to see all of them and could only press next when I chose 6.


Thanks. I have selected 6. I’m just reinstalling the app - maybe that will kickstart it. I’ll let you know in a few minutes.

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Hi there, I did a reinstall of the app and finally…success! Is it possible to backdate the cashback, or maybe to get a credit for a month’s membership?


I am happy to hear you could work it out :wink:
I dont know if it would be possible but you loose nothing for trying, contact support and explain the situation again, and maybe if you are lucky and they are in a good mood >>>>> :dancer:t5: magic


I’ve contacted support through the app a few times, always got a response and my enquires dealt with successfully. Maybe because of the app installed on your phone not working properly before you didn’t get replies through the app. I’ve never used the email address to contact Curve. Therefore, I can’t speak on its success rate. I hope that helps.

Same here. Always had a response from using help on the app. Glad you got sorted.

Hi @bunganator,

Support can sort this out for you, either in app or via email