Curve Cash taken for a payment where I paid full price


I made a mobile phone topup worth 10EUR, got charged 10EUR on my card and at the same time got 0.90£ taken from my Curve Cash and I’m not really understanding why.
Wrote in-app for help and got some email that Curve is changing experience tools and access is limited. Have yet to hear back why money was taken from my Curve Cash… Now I don’t know if I trust any other payments I have made while having automatic curve-cash usage.
Also attaching part of bank statement.

only a tip: before your card was charged 10 eur the system made a pre-authorization charge of 1 eur. that’s 0,9 gbp. probably you turned “use automatically” on, so pre-authorization was charged on your curve cash account. this charge will be refunded by the merchant


That does sound plausible.
Will give it a few more days and see what happens.