Curve Cash Top-Up

I have little balances in my curve cash card (in-app) that i cannot use, since most or all payments with curve are much higher. It would be great if i could use curvecash money to reduce payments that i do with my visa or mastercard.

The Curve Send feature now available in the current beta release is useful for that issue.

You can send money to yourself in the list of available destinations. So your money will be loaded into your curve cash instead of to anybody else’s cash.

If you load it enough, you can use it for your next payment.

It’s not probably a top expected case use for Curve Send but it’s there

Ah okay, understand… thanks! That’s a use case, in my opinion more than sending to anybody else’s cash… But as long that’s not a Euro Account, i’ll avoid using it :frowning:

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same here, i didn’t test it yet as I’m in eurozone :es:.

Current pound-only cash balance is not for me either.

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Would be nice if it could have a backup funding card (Backup source card) attached to it so you could use Curve Cash first and then revert to another card.

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Just sent it to yourself with or Starling settleup.

I would like to suggest the following idea:

  1. Make the Curve Card chargeable
    I have the impression above all with Google Pay that paying with Curve is a little slower than with credit cards. Especially with Amex, I see that a payment is confirmed immediately.
    This could be due to the terminal or its internet connection. But I suspect Curve, because first the request comes to Curve, then Curve sends a request to the stored bank card and if Google Pay is interposed, then we have a third network.

If you could top up Curve Cash, Curve could save the request for my stored card and deduct it directly from the cash. That already works today, just not that you can top up yourself (and curve points are treated like pounds instead of in the currency the user wants).
And only if the payment amount exceeds the amount on Curve Cash, the remaining amount will be deducted from the stored card.