Curve Cash

So I downgraded my Curve Metal to Curve Blue for a variety of reasons; lack of Amex, overpriced lounges (twice the price of Revolut), card fails, worthless insurance (max £800 for a smartphone) etc etc.

Today I have been invited to select my new Cirve Cash partners only to receive the following message

This confirms my reasons for downgrading; there is something fundamentally wrong with the product

If you’re downgrading to blue, I presume you signed up to Curve in March 2019…?

Curve Blue doesn’t give permanent Curve Cash, other than an introductory 90 day offer. As your time with Curve has exceeded 90 days, you’re not entitled to Curve Cash on Blue.

No, I was one of the very first Curve Beta Black customers then upgraded by Curve to a Black Corporate Card. I upgraded to Metal in January 2019 and then selected my Curve cash partners. The point is that now downgrading to Blue I’m asked to select my partners only to be told that they will expire on 2nd May 2019. All pretty stupid. You might have thought someone would have corrected the system but it is in tune with the broken links, no 3DS and other poor technological achievements.