Curve Cashback and online purchase


I’m playing with new Curve card, and have a question about Cashbacks…

I have configured cashbacks for Lidl and Tesco. While shopping in Lidl works fine and cashbacks are posted to the card, using Tesco’s “Shop & Scan” service with online payment (Czech Republic) doesn’t seems to be working - cashback was not posted.

Is it expected behaviour and on-line payments are excluded from the cashback programm ?

No, online payments shouldn’t be excluded.

if you contact the support team, they’ll credit it for you

If you scan a copy of he receipt (or a digital copy as it was an online transaction) and email the request to support they will credit the amount. One of my nominated cashback retailers is a French supermarket whose receipts always miss out the last three letters which prevents Curve from crediting Cashback automatically. Sending receipts one a month the amounts are credited very quickly.

I think the most important is there has to be correct merchant’s name in the transaction’s description, that’s how Curve decides for which transaction to credit cashback. :money_mouth_face: E.g. when I take fuel at Tesco pump here in CZE :czech_republic: there is no “Tesco” in the transaction’s name so I don’t receive any Curve cashback as well. :sleepy:

As was already posted, if you send the receipt where there is correct merchant’s name visible to Curve support, they will credit cashback to you manually ex-post. :money_with_wings:

Merchant name is different, indeed…

It’s ‘Tesco’ for in-store payments, and ‘’ for online payments. But the receipts is from 'Tesco Stores ČR"