Curve cashback isn't going on, any ideas?

Hello everyone!

I’ve made several purchases with my Curve card lately, but my cashback for Aldi isn’t going on for some reason and the cashback for Tesco is sporadically going on (majority of the time it isn’t going on, but occasionally it does). I contacted Curve last week, but I’ve not had a reply as of yet.

Is anybody else having this issue by any chance and if so, were Curve able to fix it or are you still having the same issue?

Sometimes Curve may not be able to catch the transaction because the merchant’s POS terminal doesn’t use “Aldi” or “Tesco” when charging your card.

For example: some shops charge my card and in the details they show “Blabla Shop nr. 68…”

This way Curve isn’t able to catch the transaction to that retailer to add the cash back to your Curve Cash.

If you contact Curve (as you did already), they will add the corresponding cash back to your Curve Cash.

As per previous reply. Happens a lot to me as one of my selected merchants is in France, Intermarché, and often the name is truncated. I usually keep all these receipts and once a month send Curve a scan of them and they have always credited them without question.