Curve Cashback outside the UK?


I have just joined Curve it seems interesting. I saw some retailers in the cashback list such as McDonald have restaurant worldwide, so I am curious can I still earn the 1% cashback if I checkout outside the UK?

Also, if I use a card that the currency is not GBP, let says HKD, what currency do I receive the cashback? GBP or HKD?


Yes, you can.


I thought this cashback is in form of Curve cash

Yes, it is. But Curve cash is in GBP for everyone.


I have a UK Curve Card but spend the majority of my time in France. I have a French retailer as one of my Cashback nominees as well as Amazon. If I buy from that retailer or even Amazon France or Germany I receive Cashback in £ sterling with € purchases converted at the daily bank rate.

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