Curve cashback system little disappointing

I’ve been trying out curve metal for some months and have come to the conclusion that the cashback system how it’s currently set up is very disappointing. At first I thought it would be a great addition to my other cashback cards, but it turns out that only 6 merchants, and permanent at that is pretty restrictive. Since start of using my card (about 3 months) I’ve managed to gather around 1 euro which not very impressive. Compare that to my other cashback card, that gives 1% on every purchase I’ve already managed to get 40 euro (in actual cash that i can transfer to my bank account) during the same timespan and it costs like 1/5 of what curve metal costs (also includes travel insurance). Not only this, the curve cash won’t be spent unless it covers the cost of the purchase, expires after 6 months if not used and can’t be redeemed for actual cash.

Now with the partnership with plutus giving the possibility of having curve black for free, I’m struggling to see why I should keep my metal subscription, when I can get 3% on all purchases for the same price with plutus premium + curve black. I would get everything that curve has to offer (that is useful) and get amazing cashback.

Most cards nowadays allow cashback on all purchases so I don’t see why curve couldn’t do the same?

Some suggestions to make it more useful:

  • Make it possible to spend the curve cash even if it does not cover the full purchase amount.
  • Have cashback on all purchases. If this is too expensive, have a monthly cap like plutus or adjust the cashback amount. Revolut has 0.1% within europe and 1% outside, maybe curve could do the same?

If it’s still going to be a limited set of merchants, have them at least not being permanent. Let people change them after a couple of months or so.


1eur is nothing. You (everybody) can save way more just by not spending money on purchases you dont really need. Drink 1 coffee less per month. More money already saved :smiley: Cashback is invented so ppl are lured to spend more. At least that is how I see it.


Sure the best thing is not not spend, but that’s an awfully boring life. If it’s money you were going to spend anyways, like eating out or just having a good time, it’s nice with some cashback. The card issuer makes money off the transaction data we provide, so it only makes sense that we would get a cut out of it.

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I don’t quite agree. I’m using CURVE and PLUTUS, and thanks to the GBIT, I’m moving every single expense to PLUTUS, thus getting 3% for everything (even taxes).
I’m not spending more than I usually spend; however, I already got about 300 euro cashback in a few months.
What makes the Metal worth, IMO, is having 120 days for the GBIT

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I agree, for the cashback it’s probably too much expensive since intercheange fees in europe is limited to 0.2% per transaction (for personnal cards) so they probably pay themselves the 0.8%.

And if you spend too much I guess they are loosing money.

For business cards there is no regulation so they could probably make cashback more free.
I wonder why don’t they create a token and make an IPO though.

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Where the information that Curve Cash expires after 6 months come from?


  • Your Curve Cash points expire after 6 months.

I didn’t know it, I was just cumulating curve cash to a certain amount before spending it…

Thank you for the hint!

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