Curve cashback when buying on BAs shopping site

Hi i wanted to clarify limitations of pass through scenarios. If I have curve cash for Tesco as an example and instead of buying directly at I instead buy via (which redirects to tesco’s site ) will i still get curve cashback on my Tesco purchase and also get the BA avios points via their redirected link?

Actually for this one, you should do.

BA tracking links are just ‘we directed a customer to this merchant’

The purchase itself is still with Tesco and there’s nothing to do with BA once you’re there :slight_smile: hope this helps

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Yes, as you’re still doing the actual transaction on the merchant site :slight_smile:

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You’ll get the Curve cashback, but check the T&Cs of the avios offer to make sure it doesn’t have a clause saying it’s not valid with any other discount or cashback.

I’ve had Quidco cashback rejected at Argos because I got Curve cashback, and the T&Cs said the Quidco cashback wasn’t valid in conjunction with any other cashback or discount code.

How do they even know you got Curve cashback? Don’t Curve offer this at their own expense?

Hmm that’s quite weird - I can’t see how Argos have any knowledge of you using Curve cashback (unless Curve send some form of data back to them but can’t see why they would). Did you mention to Quidco or Argos that you had received Curve Cashback? If so it sounds like they then used it as a get-out for not paying. If you didn’t mention it then even more curious how they worked it out! I would have thought the form of payment to be irrelevant, otherwise you wouldn’t receive Quidco cashback for using a points-earning or cashback card, which you definitely do!

I didn’t say anything - my cashback claim was rejected, then when I queried it Quidco were apparently told by Argos that I had received cashback elsewhere.

From the techcrunch story on the Curve cash launch:

Curve’s cashback is being powered in three ways: like many other cards or fintechs offering cashback, the London startup is partnering with a number of rewards providers to support many of the retailers in its Curve Cash programme. Others are offered via direct partnerships it has negotiated. I also understand from my own sources that cashback at some retailers — such as Amazon where Curve doesn’t have any kind of formal partnership — are being cross subsidised from revenue Curve is generating elsewhere.

So for all except the retailers that Curve are funding themselves, they would have to claim the cashback from the retailer (in my case Argos), who would then see it the same as any other cashback/voucher, and in most cases wouldn’t honour more than one such claim. Curve have to send this data to get the cashback. Unfortunately, Curve don’t make it clear which retailers are which, so you never know.

The difference with a normal points or cashback card is that that is funded entirely by the card issuer, not by the retailer. If, however, you got cashback via eg. Barclays rewards, I would be surprised if you were able to also get Quidco cashback as well.

Very interesting @podgib - @Curve_Marie sounds like this might be something that needs to be flagged for users expecting to receive Quidco/TCB cashback?

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Hi @tadgcr :wave: Welcome to the Community :hugs: If we receive your purchase with the name instead of Tesco, your reward points will not be applied automatically as the system will not recognise this as a chosen retailer. However, if you can provide a copy of the receipt showing the name of the merchant, we would be happy to manually apply them for you :slightly_smiling_face:

@Curve_Aleca it looks like the issue may not be with Curve Rewards but with 3rd party (e.g., Quidco or Avios) - see @podgib 's post. Would be useful to know a bit more about Curve Rewards interaction with these services.

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I think per the points above from others since the ba website will redirect me to the actual Tesco website it wont be a problem. I will still be buying on Tesco.