Curve charge back issue


i booked at december 2019 tickets for flights. The flights was cancelled by airline at march 2020. I’ve contacted my bank and have done an charge back to my bank credit card. But then 2 moanth later curve have refused my charge back, because i should do the charge back not by my the bank, i should do it through curve. The flight should be at 17th April. From which date the 120 days of chage back are possible? Since booking or since flight? Curve support has not given any answer since 7 July in this case.

You filed a chargeback against Curve, not against the airline / the travel agency. Please file a chargeback against the airline / the travel agency via Curve, not through your bank of the underlying bank

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I filled it by curve against airline at 7th July, i should send the invoices and the cancellations by e-mail. I did that. But since the day got no answer.

It too them 2-3 month before they answer my email
So it wasn’t sent to the airline

You can send them a follow up email, or a new
ask them on twitter

i sent 3 follow up mails. No answer…

  1. After what you wrote in the starter post, you opened a chargeback against Curve and then Curve informed you that you have to open the chargeback via Curve Support and not via the bank from which you got your underlaying card. - Lucas already told you that.
  1. You can include the word “urgent” when sending an email to
    This will change the priority of your request.

  2. After you filed a chargeback the merchant has up to 120 days (due to corona this time can increase) to provide evidence that the chargeback is invalid. - Please note some backs charge you a fee if you lose a chargeback.

  3. The 120 days are starting at the day when the merchant received the chargeback notice.

With Curve it’s actually right now 45days. But if the merchant disputes the chargeback (happened to all my chargebacks against airlines), the card holder has 45days to respond to the dispute, I have done mine in 1 day, and then the merchant has another 45days to reply to the reply of the dispute of the chargeback.
And only then the MasterCard agent steps in to rule on the case.

Mastercard discontinued the Dispute resolution via MasterCard in April 2020.
The Issuing Banks final decision counts.

All I can say is, is good luck getting this sorted through Curve.

I’ve had a dispute pending since May, from Curve. After the merchant disputed it (~ 19th June), Curve neglected to contact me with an update - and have thus far dodged my emails and tweets for the past month.

So far as the original post topic goes - While Curve does provide its own form of ‘protection’, you’re better off using the underlying card directly for large purchases - especially if you want to chuck around a Section 75 claim, which you cannot do through Curve. If my experience with the protection offered is anything to go by, Curve is great for the day-to-day expenses (or instances where you’re expensing things to a corporate card) - but avoid like the plague for anything large, lest you’re left in limbo.

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