Curve charged me double for the same purchase!

First of all, this was not a double charge by the retailer, it was a double charge by curve.
Yesterday, I went to a takaway store and paid, at the terminal, with my card, 54,90€. Received a notification on my phone saying 54,90€ was charged on curve, and the card linked also showed 54,90€.
Today, I was charged 59,40 again on my linked card, and opened my curve app and, for my surprise, the details on the transaction changed from 54,90 to 109,80!
I have the receipt from the terminal saying the transaction was 54,90 and that’s what was shown on curve before, but not now! This leads me to think that this issue and this “double charge” is from curve, not the merchant.

Of course, Curve hasn’t solved this issue yet, and, although I’m a metal user, they didn’t replied yet.


If duplicate transaction shows as pending in linked card you dont have to worry too much (yet). Maybe it will revert back. But yes - it it strange/unusual.

Actually, it does not show as pending.

The strange thing is that I’ve already had a few duplicated, but when it did happen, it showed two transactions of the same value on the same day, and not a single transaction with double the value and charged on two different days.

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I hope support will resolve this for you!

I had the same thing happening to me. 5 days now and transaction is not reverted.

Regrettably I suspect Curve will not reply for several weeks. I guess you need to assess whether the Curve benefits are worth the potential issues in using the card and the complete lack of support if something goes wrong. For me it’s back to the original card company.

I had a similar case back in December 2020. My first payment attempt was declined for an unknown reason, but the second one was successful:

I got charged for both on my underlying card:

On the very next day the amount of the successful transaction doubled in Curve for no reason and I got charged again on my underlying card:

Below is the reply what I got from the support:

As far as I remember, I got a refund for the extra charge later without making any further steps.