Curve charged my card but product was cancelled

Curve charged my card even though product was cancelled.
I check with Apple who said they don’t bill your card untill product is shipped, but my card was billed immediately.
What is happening? Was I charged by Apple or Curve. Where is my refund? Why was a pre-authorized tranaction charged?

If it was pre-authorised but then not charged then it should fall off within a week. You can contact if you want to check but in my experience this happens automatically.

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My linked card provider has told me that the funds have been collected. Thus somehow the transaction has not been ring fenced.
Curve stated “Because the merchant hasn’t collected the funds yet, there is nothing to refund from their end” but then they say “This amount will either expire after a week, or the retailer may send a reversal message before that.”
Doesn’t make sense to me… how has my card been charged if the funds haven’t been collected (Curve insist’s funds have not been collected by the merchant)
The amount still shows on my curve a/c over 10 days since the transaction!!! Where’s the expiry?
I’ve now had to raise a dispute with my card company to try and get this resolved.

Hey there,

as soon as Curve receives a charge/authorization request from the merchant, Curve will charge your card since Curve doesn’t lend you money (even when the merchant didn’t collect the money yet). In case the merchant has cancelled the order, or he didn’t collect the money within 7 bank working days then Curve will reverse the transaction and removes the hold or refunds the charge on your card within 7 bank working days (depends on your bank, Curve sends the refund immediately).

So it can take up to ~14±2 bank working days until you can see the reversal or the transaction disappearing from/on your card statement.

You can use the online help desk to create a ticket to contact the correct support department.

Raising a chargeback against Curve brings you nothing except trouble.

Money owed to Curve
In the event you owe Curve money either for fees or transactions that you have made using Curve, we may immediately charge such amounts to any of your payment cards. We reserve the right to collect the amount of your debt to Curve by using any payments received to your Account. We may also recover amounts you owe us through legal means, including, without limitation, through the use of a debt collection agency.

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Great support!!!
No money collected, no money owed and now a threat of legal action.

My story: merchant made a pre-auth, Curve took the money from my underlying card. :credit_card::money_mouth_face: Money was not collected by the merchant within 7 days so Curve refunded all the money back to my underlying card automatically right after those 7 days. :spiral_calendar: Then the merchant made an offline transaction (for original payment), Curve paid it for me without charging me as my original card did not have sufficient balance at the time. :money_with_wings: Then Curve contacted me with detailed information :page_with_curl:, proposing to charge my card again in 7 days or I could contact them and send different proposal that suits me better. :star_struck:

Very fair attitude and behaviour from Curve’s side, thank you Curve! :heart_eyes::+1: