Curve Charges my CC on every refund


Every time I get a refund, curve charges my credit card again and takes money from me instead of giving it back. Later the actual refund arrives but I still miss money they charged again


I pay 100€
I get 100 back but at the same moment 100 are deducted AGAIN.

= - 100€ Missing

What can I do? It can’t go on like this. No one is answering the tickets.

Please help me.

Hi, and welcome to the community :wave:t2:

Re-read your example. In your example no money is missing. And your example is actually exactly how I get refunded by Curve on my MCO Visa card, with no money missing.

For the time being stop using your Curve card until this is resolved.

This is a user community, so we are users just like you with no access to your account. You have already contacted Curve support, so now you need to wait for them to get back to you. In the meanwhile you can contact them on Twitter (AskCurve) and check if your tickets reached them in good order and what’s the status.

Thank you for your answer but in my example there is money missing as I payed 200€ and only got 100€ back. I edited the first post again to make it clear

Payed to retailer: 100€
Got refunded: 100€
Got charged again: 100€

So 100€ are missing.

And this happened 2 times to me in 24h

Not sure what’s your timeline.

For me it was:

Spend of €100
Asking for refund
Charged again €100
Immediately get €100 back
Couple of days later actual refund of €100.

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Works similar to me as @poeliev described with MCO card:

  1. Spend 100 CZK (-100 effective)
  2. Request 100 CZK refund (0 effective)
  3. Got charged 100 CZK again + have got “pending credit transaction” 100 CZK in transaction history (0 effective)
  4. Got reversal transaction 100 CZK + refund transaction 100 CZK (+100 effective)

Result = 0 (-100 CZK original transaction + 100 CZK refund) :money_with_wings:

Thanks. For it is like that:

  1. Spend 100
  2. Request 100 Refund
  3. Got charged 100
  4. Got reversal transaction 100
  5. missing the refund transaction 100

And still no help from the support.

It was never like this. For me it was always like

Spent 100 - got 100 back. That’s it.
Also the newest refund isn’t even shown in the curve app. They must messed something up a lot

Hi Denhel,
The example you gave doesn’t match your original description of the issue at the top of your post

So according to that
You spend -100
Get a refund of +100 which is immediately debited again -100
Then you say “later the actual refund arrives” +100
That would leave you at net zero. Or are you saying that when the actual refund arrives yet another debit is taken?

Depends on the card. As others have highlighted MCO/Cash cards might work slightly differently.
I doubt it is curve’s problem - probablt taking longer to clear with the card issuer?

Is curve balance reconciling correct? (I.e, +100 - 100 = 0)
If the issue is just that it is not reflected correctly on your underlying card i would say wait for 3-5 days… or sign out /sign bck in to the app. Or make a small transaction on the underlying card. I have dealt with weird issues with fintechs :blush:. Which card/bank is it by the way?

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