Curve charging the wrong cards

Hi there,
Today I noticed CURVE was charging the wrong cards.
I gave my CURVE card to my wife and selected CREDIT CARD X. However, when she paid, CURVE charged CREDIT CARD Y.

After two attempts, I selected CREDIT CARD Z, but when she paid, this time, CURVE charged CREDIT CARD X.

No smart rules were using those cards and the anti-embarrassment mode was never triggered although card Y didn’t have funds.

I already started a chat with CURVE support, but I wanted to know if it is something that happened only to me or is a more general issue.

That’s very strange!

You can use go back in time to move the transaction to the correct card in the meantime, but I’ve never seen this before. Have you logged out and in to see if the app was timing out on choosing the card?

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This happened to me first time this morning.
I didn’t have to use GBIT because the transaction failed: the card that CURVE was trying to charge didn’t have funds. I’ll let you imagine what my wife told me about CURVE when she came back home :rofl:

It now looks like it works fine again and charges the correct card.
Cross my fingers; I will keep you posted if it happens again.


Never knew why but I had the issue but as previous person it got declined due to insuffisant funds. It never happened again

This happened to me today too (for the first time). It wasn’t a big issue (it was a small amount and either card was OK to use) - but if it happened with a big transaction it could be a problem.

This time I’ve been lucky because CURVE tried to charge a prepaid card, and since there was no credit, the transaction was declined without any damage.
On the other hand, I have a couple of debit cards that, if there is not enough credit, they pay anyway, then charge you something like 20 euros or so.
Given that it happened because of a CURVE bug, I believe that if that ever happened, I would have the right to a refund. That being said, I have two questions:

  1. what evidence can I provide CURVE that the selected card was different than the charged one?
  2. is there any documentation about the refunds we are entitled to in case of loss of money because of CURVE issues?

Finally, to say everything, as of today, I didn’t receive any answer from CURVE support (but that was expected…).


I too am having massive issues with CURVE charging wrong card. I have again tried this morning and same problem

CURVE App show which credit card it will charge when using my CURVE debit card. If I change the underlying card once payment is made it as charged a the previous card– This is happening on Android and IOS.

Am I the only one with this problem ?

Emailed CURVE 17th Aug and as expected - ZERO response.

I believe I had the wrong card charged now as well.
I do have smart rules active, “groceries card A” yet a “business service” charged card A while card B is marked as active :thinking:

Again smart rules didn’t work. Only have two rules, “groceries” and small amounts on card A, card B is selected as active card.
Yet “shopping” and big amount was tried in card A instead of card B, got declined and anti embarrassment was not used when this happens.

Hey folks, sorry to hear your Curve account have been charging the incorrect cards- this obviously isn’t something we want! Could you please DM me with your verified Curve emails so that I can create a :bug: ticket for this for the engineering team?