Curve Closed Beta & Grandfathering Curve Black

I’ve received an email invite to the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme.

I’ve had a look at the terms and conditions, but can’t see anything about grandfathered Curve Black accounts.

If I join the beta, can I later just leave the beta again and go back to what is going to be the grandfathered Curve Black tier?

Have you received the actual invite to join or just T&Cs

I have received the Metal Invite via the email last night as well, but I signed for the Amex beta programme.

Again, the same confusion, there was no mention of grandfather the legacy curve black with the Curve Reward programme. @Curve_Marie Would I lost my legacy curve black if I choose to join the beta without signing up for metal? Thanks

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The invite.
The terms were from the link in the email.

My suspicion is that this was all set up before grandfathering was even considered…

And now there’s probably an ad hoc scramble to incorporate the new reality :wink:

Me too I received the email, originally I sign up for the amex beta, now I was wondering if I will be able to go back after the beta testing is over?

How annoying. No invite for the beta again :disappointed:

Beta testers will also have to option to be grandfathered and stay on the original Curve Black :slight_smile:


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