Curve closing support tickets after 10-days

How is this helpful?

“As your query is older than 10 days and you haven’t followed up since, there’s a chance that you’ve already found an answer to your question. That’s why we’re going to close this conversation now.”

I didn’t follow up because it was Christmas/New Year and I know that Curve are taking a long time to respond to queries anyway.

Why would you close a ticket, without first checking with the customer?

Should I message you everyday until the issue is resolved? I’m sure that it is going to help with the volume of queries your support team gets. What a well thought through policy.

I will NEVER use Curve again whilst you follow this unhelpful practice and I will recommend that none of friends or colleagues do either. You are really shooting yourselves in the foot here.


Hello @SingingDwarf,

this usually happens automatically by the help software, not curve closed the ticket.
Simply give a short reply and the ticket will open again, if it’s an emergency try to reply with “URGENT”.

Yes it is Curve that close the ticket- they have configured the software this way. They choose to close such tickets after 10-days, they have a choice.

This is pretty much common practice for almost any ticket support solution.
It prevents too many ‘forgotten/resolved’ tickets as many people that start a support ticket do not bother to close them when the issue is indeed solved. If set up correctly, you should be able to re-open the ticket with a simple reply If you do need more support :slight_smile:

Perhaps - but if this is the case, it just goes to show how bad Curve support is, that they cannot get to a ticket before it is closed. I don’t believe I have ever had a ticket automatically closed due to inactivity on behalf of the provider before.

I work for an IT services company and I can assure you that our support tickets will never timeout due to inactivity on behalf of either the customer, or ourselves.

This is frankly, quite appalling customer service on behalf of Curve.


I would expect ticket to be marked as pending with Curve support and hence should never be closed.

If tickets is pending with customer response they should close after 10 days.

As with every piece of code - errors are possible. In your case support ticket should not be closed automatically. (I.e automation should only pickup idle ticket pending with customer).

Hopefully someone from curve support will report the problem to their provide.

Until then - just a simple reply should reopen the ticket. - hopefull!

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At some point inactive tickets do need to be closed, but I don’t agree with doing it like this.

If tickets are being automatically closed, it feels too risky, there might be a reason that a ticket is still open, maybe the issue is not resolved and it’s just taking longer for the customer or agent to reply.

In my organisation, we have reports that are run regularly that show tickets which have been open too long, someone will then manually investigate that ticket and trigger an email to the user if we are still waiting on a reply. The only tickets that are automatically closed are those which have been marked as resolved for 2 weeks.

So while at first this might seem like a good idea on Curve’s part, I think the reality is it risks creating a poor customer support experience, even if tickets can be re-opened by the user simply replying, sending them that email in the first place risks souring the relationship; The consequences of which we are seeing perfectly paying out in this thread.