Curve commercial vs curve personal. What's the difference nowadays

The commercial card and the personal one. What’s the differences nowadays it used to have to commercial card first then the personal curve came out… but I don’t see any difference s. Except the tiers of cards.

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What is the commercial card.? Just Blue and Black currently.

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what do you mean about the tiers of cards?

More like the blue curve and black curve

Yeah but the card being issued as Personal vs Commercial, regardless of the curve tier (blue vs black). What is the difference?

Nothing. You can have a free commercial card or a pro commercial card just like you can have a free personal card and a pro personal card.

A commercial card is primarily used for business use whilst the personal card is primarily used for personal use.

Originally they issued the beta commerical one first. I guess they made it thru and with the demand . So they decide to issue the personal on. But as said before I can’t see much differences between them

It’s use cases is the main difference, apart from that it’s the same blue/black card. I also believe the commercial cards has a slightly different BIN then the personal cards.

The Commercial card earns around 2% for Curve per transaction, whereas the personal only earns 0.3% within the EU. Outside the EU, the commercial card still earns slightly more but is negligible. There is no real difference for the cardholder.


That’s really interesting to know.

I have the commercial card but I don’t see any different from personal cards.

It works in 100 per cent the same way.

OK. What’s the BIN on the commercial card?

5375 is the BIN! What is the personal?

The BIN is normally the first six digits. So mine is 537590

Yes I forgot it haha
is 537591

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Ah so there is a slight difference. Nice one! I had a commercial card. Lke a fool I contacted customer service via Twitter and told them I won’t be using it very much on my business and instead would be using it more for personal use and would that be ok. They immediately cancelled my commercial card and sent me a personal card. Telling me that if I wanted a business card I’ll have to send them in proof of my business.

I do have the commercial but never had a business. Never ask me proof of business hehe

Nah I messed myself up by talking with customer services in the first place. :sob:

But is not a big deal! Metal card and Apple Pay is a Big deal