Curve Community App for the phone

I like the Curve community and think it’s really good to have a community like this.

Only being on the community for a day but feel that I would interact more if it was usable from a phone app.

Can this be connected to a third party app or do you have an app that we can use?

The Chrome browser app in mobile view is working fine for me on my phone. I just have this site opened on a tab all the time, so it is very accessible and because of the mobile view very readable as well.

I’m not aware of any app for this or other forums powered by the same software but similar to @poeliev I use it on Chrome daily and find it works really well - obviously you need to be online to use it but most forum apps require that anyway

At first I had no problems using Safari either, but like for the last two months I have to log-in continuously in Safari to access to the community. Perhaps I should try Chrome on my iPhone…

There is a Discourse app you can add the forum to, it’s what I use.


Ah, nice find - any major benefit over using it in the browser that you’ve found?

it sounds fantastic, I am trying it right away, thank you!

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Just notifications, and having this and Monzo in one interface.

I’ve only used the android version

No problem :slight_smile:

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Ah cool. I would find it too annoying having notifications all the time to prefer just to have it sitting as a tab in Chrome :smiley: Plex use Discourse too for their forum.

You could add that too :wink:

You can turn off the notifications if you want, it’s like when chrome asks if the website can send you notifications. I will admit having a bookmark on your home screen (on android at least) would do the job if you only use one Discourse forum.

Yeah I just keep it as one of my tabs on the phone - on Desktop I’ve got it as a pinned one, which works really well.

The android app is just a Chrome wrapper, I’m not sure about the iOS.

@CJ0206 Just downloaded the app on my iPhone and it looks good!

Thanks for pointing this app it out, let’s see how it go’s over the next week or so!

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On top of the settings panel is an option to “install” curve community on your home screen.
It’s like a progressive web app.

The Discourse (Hub) app now also has a dark theme (follows the system settings if on Android 10). In the Beta version there is a dark theme switch in the app itself (for Android 9 and below).