Curve Corp card, paying HMRC bill

Hi guys;
Wondering if you can help.

I’ve just signed up to Curve metal with the sole intention of paying my HMRC bill. My card hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ve just learnt that there is a corporate and personal card offered. I didn’t realise this when I signed up, but I think I might’ve ticked the box to say I’m a Director.

Since HMRC charge to pay by your tax bill by corporate card, will I now incur the transaction fee when I’m paying? Or, since the card is still essentially a debit card, will the fee still be nil?

Side note: @curve the wording at sign up should be updated to make this clearer i.e. ask if you want to opt for a corp card vs personal, rather than simply asking if you’re a director. I am a director, but I don’t necessarily want a corporate card.

If you get a corp card I suspect you will get a fee as the BIN (part of the card number) which allows retailers to tell.

I’ve got a Corporate card, but on the HMRC website I’ve always selected just the normal Mastercard Debit option (that doesn’t have a fee attached), and it’s always gone through fine.

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