Curve credit card statement - issues with refunds


Once again I have issues with refunds. I’m this close to just give up on Curve.

On 27th December I made a booking with which I cancelled straight away. I’m still waiting for the refund transaction to reach Curve.
Now is asking me for a statement to show that I haven’t been refunded and I don’t see how I can provide them this with Curve.

Any ideas?


Hello, have you contacted the support team?

They’re awesome helping with refunds and usually sort it within a few hours!

Well…I just noticed that the refund was already processed to my credit card, but not marked as refunded in Curve…
Anyway I really feel that Curve is more an hassle than a solution. I keep traveling with all my cards as I have 0 trust that I’ll not have any issues with it.

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It’s an ongoing issue that clearly needs sorted - you can vote for this idea - Refunded transactions details