Curve crowdfunding again in 2020?

Hi everyone,
I’ve received the following email a few days ago. I am surprised there is no topic about this.


That’s interesting as I’ve not received that email as yet. :thinking:

I also received this mail. And to be clear, it was sent by Crowdcube, not by Curve.


I picked this up also. @poeliev is correct in mentioning, this is Crowdcube and not Curve, so not certain if this is Crowdcube trying to work up an appetite for Curve to go for another round or it genuinely is Curve doing this, but via Crowdcube. Either way, I smacked in my interest to go again! How many of us within this Community would be up for another round? Be interesting to know…

This is on the back of news that Curve might raise another round of funding -

Crowdcube as our nominee acting for us are wanting to check appetite for the round (too big for crowdfunding alone) if existing shareholders would want to push for a slice of the new deal.

Let’s hope they do another round… I’m really interested in becoming an investor.

I would be interested BUT would like full details on financials and the proposed use of funds. There is no sense in investing based on sentiment.

I invested in Curve, have been pretty impressed with how the card works and can see it having a very successful future. Just checked my CC Beneficial Ownership certificate dated 23rd Oct 2019 and the share price is about £3,96.

Any thoughts on this coming funding round share price?

I to would be interested


No thanks!

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Yes please!