Curve CSV export refund disaster

Curve is a complete disaster when it comes to data analysis and refunds in transactions.

If you look in the column Txn Amount (Funding Card), you don’t know if it is a refund or normal cost. Because both of them are marked as a minus number. The only way to know for sure is to look in column Type and check if there is a tag REFUNDED.

It is not always clear if a transaction with tag REFUNDED is a 100% refund or partial refund. I had two cases: One was I was double charged, then REFUNDED meant 100% refund.

An other time was when I bought water online. They deliver the water and deduct empty bottles. Say that the original price was 100 EUR, but after they deducted empty bottles, it was 80 EUR. The transaction is now marked as 80 EUR with tag REFUNDED. However, the actual refund was 20 EUR and no column showed this value.

Partial refunds do sometimes have more information and that extra information comes in column Txn Amount (Foreign Spend). I noticed that, that column shows sometimes the total original cost without refund. And if you subtract it from column Txn Amount (Funding Card) which is the cost with refund. Then you tend to get the refund. What confuses me here, is that refunds have nothing to do with “foreign spend”. Specially when the refund comes from local store.

I also write that column Txn Amount (Foreign Spend) tend to be total original cost without refund, because I had the case where I bought an item online and canceled the order 15 min later. There was just one transaction in Curve CSV and it was the following:

Txn Amount (Funding Card) = 0
Txn Amount (Foreign Spend) = -123.32

In reality, there was nothing spent nor was anything refunded. So this transaction makes no sense.

It should be either:
Txn Amount (Funding Card) = -123.32
Txn Amount (Foreign Spend) = -123.32

or nothing for it to make sense

My problem is here that I rarely buy anything abroad so the columns Txn Amount (Foreign Spend) and Txn Currency (Foreign Spend) are dead columns for me. Expect for refunds which also makes no sense as they are not foreign.

I also don’t understand why go throw with this complex logic. Why just not drop column Txn Amount (Foreign Spend), Txn Currency (Foreign Spend) and Type and put a text in column “notes” and write there the refund and/or how much foreign money was spent.

Or even better, just split the normal spent transaction from the refund. Mark spent transaction with a minus number and refund with a plus number. It is less complex logic for developers and easier to understand for the user.