Curve currency priority billing

So I understand there is a flaw with “Curve should pass the transaction to the underlying card in the currency the purchase was made in”

Curve can’t bill in every currency under the sun, which is something I didn’t think at the time of requesting it (or voting on that issue)

While Curve implements more currencies to charge in, it would be nice if in the meantime Curve could let you set a ‘base’ currency that it would charge your card in by default.

At the same time Curve should allow us to choose to bill the card in local currency, should it be a currency that Curve supports direct billing in.


I’m confused…this is exactly how Curve works.

Irrespective of the currency you use to make the transaction with the retailer, Curve will charge your underlying card in the currency you tell it to in the app.

Your idea of simply passing through the currency is a good option - it should be an option though as the currency conversion benefits of Curve are one of it’s main features…

…but it’s one of Curve’s main income areas - doubt they can afford to offer this.

What are Curve making out of currency conversion? They don’t charge anything for it…

Well, except at the weekend I suppose, but I very much doubt that makes up a bulk of their income.

I was asking if they could allow pass-through in general for any supported currencies (every single one of my underlying cards are cheaper than Curve to use directly - so I’d like them to do this *esp as I just bought Metal) but while allowing me to set a ‘base’ currency for the card that they would bill in for unsupported currencies.

If it’s one of their main income earners they need to find another revenue stream to replace it with after removing it - not nickle and dime their customers.

At least remove it for Black/Metal holders.

@Curve_Marie would this be something you could talk to the engineering/product team about? It’d make Curve so much more competitive if you had like either no markup or perhaps reduced 0.5% markup for everything during the weekend and should be partially covered by the metal fee as I don’t see too many people making you a loss on this one

The advertising says they don’t charge anything, but then refers you to the terms and conditions where you see there’s different levels. Most card holders get stung with a fee after the first £500, which can be as high as 3.5%.

Yeah that’s actually really misleading - it would be nice if they could mention the 15k limit for this yearly as well as the 500 rolling month.

They should also really include this in the ‘limits’ section