Curve currency setting / Revolut

Hi, this might have asked already but I am not able to find the exact issue.
First off, I subscribed to Curve just recently, so I am really a newbie. I live in Italy. The setting by default is GBP, I associated a Revolut card which has been issued for Italy and been used/charged only in EUR and the app is in EUR. When I tried to change the currency in Curve, a message state that the currency is different than the card detected and that additional FX might be applied. The current IBAN is not a UK one but a Latvian and I do not know if I can disregard the message or not.
Thanks for your help!

Change the currency of the Revolut card in your Curve Wallet to EUR, otherwise for each spend in Italy Curve will do an unnecessary exchange to GBP (which Revolut will exchange back to EUR).
So yes, ignore the message.


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