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Hi. Given FlyBe has just gone pop and I bought £500 worth of tickets I am interested to know whether I am protected and can expected to be refunded via the Curve Customer Protection? TIA.

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Curve will try their best to get your funds back using chargeback however; unlike Section 75 on credit cards, you will not be refunded straight away by Curve. Only when they have successfully retrieved your funds from Flybe. All the best.

P.S. email to get the ball rolling asap.

I’m not sure that’s how it works - can you point to a something official that says this, @Malik?

My reading of Curve’s Customer Protection policy suggests you should get your money back from Curve - although there have been a lot of reports of Curve being sticky on this.

Good luck getting your refund, @huttonshonley - be persistent.

To anyone else reading - please, please don’t put transactions >£100 through Curve if you have the option to use a credit card - the protection is better (until Curve prove otherwise…).

This is especially TRUE when you’re buying tickets on an airline that has been widely reported to be in serious financial trouble.

Prove me wrong, Curve - get all your customers with FlyBE tickets they now can’t use refunded today - it would be a major PR coup! Rather than spending weeks having to censor complaints of people still waiting for refunds, have them all here, today, singing your praises for acting so promptly!


I was just going by other users’ experiences where they found it less than easy to get the money back straight away. I have not had to claim from Curve for any transactions so cannot speak from personal experience. The wording on Curve Customer Protection states and I quote “Decisions on claims are made at Curve’s sole discretion. When you submit a claim to Curve, we have the right to chose to refund you immediately or to process your refund through the Mastercard Chargeback Scheme.”.

As a comparison, whenever I have claimed through my other card providers, they have always refunded me immediately without questions and investigated the matter afterwards.

Sorry to hear you affected by the FlyBe insolvency :grimacing:

If you are covered by ATOL you will need to raise a claim with them directly, you can do that here.

However, if your flights are not covered by ATOL please send the original purchase confirmation showing the dates you were due to travel to

Don’t worry if you are not covered by ATOL, we have you covered. Rest assured that your money is safe with Curve and with our Curve Customer Protection we will help you get your money back.


Just for reference, I could not claim my Flybe flight loss via AXA Curve travel insurance as this situation isn’t covered. I did not use my Curve card for the purchase, so wont be covered under Curve Customer Protection. I’ve initiated a chargeback with Monzo, we will see.

So. Looks like Curve have done what was asked. Proactive, reassuring email received today confirming losses covered and will be refunded ahead of any charge back. :smile:


That’s good news. Well done Curve :raised_hands:t4:

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Yes, that looks supportive.

This is great! The system can work.

Curve can you confirm this was done for everyone who raised an issue regarding FlyBE claims yesterday?!

Hi @huttonshonley - can you please confirm if your refund was processed yet?

I have a question about this.
Lets say I bought something with curve and my underline card was a debit or a credit card.
If the curve protection plan is not so good why I can’t use my debit/ credit card protection instead? In bank statement every curve transaction shows the final merchant.
So, using curve we have douple protection to choose from or am I missing something?

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If you raise a dispute directly with your Bank/ Card provider, your dispute/ chargeback request will come through to Curve rather than to the merchant you are in dispute with - this will cause delays in the process resolving your chargeback request.

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I’m afraid that’s just not how it works. In the UK if you want full Section 75 protection you need to use the credit card directly - I can’t speak for other jurisdictions. From your card company’s perspective you made a purchase with an entity called Curve - what they then did with it was nothing to do with your card company. PayPal is treated in the same way.


Unless customers pay via PayPal Credit - in this instance the customer is eligible for Section 75 protection👌🏻