Curve Customer Protection for charging e-vehicles revisited

Just to answer @andyk’s question in the now closed thread:
“Just want to jump in on this conversation as a fellow electric vehicle driver…
Which charge network were you using and how do they charge? (I mean in terms of tariff)”

I was using the Innogy network in Germany, using their e-charger Android app.
They have roughly 5000 chargers, mostly older (22kW off the highways, 50kW on highways, with a handful of newer 150 kW chargers).
They charge by the session. One session costs 7.95 EUR. This sounds attractive if you have a large battery. I can charge about 70 kWh per session, which would work out at just a little over 10 ct/kWh. At Tesla superchargers, I would pay three times as much.

While I agree with you that they should only reserve that amount before the session starts, that’s not how it works. First you pay 7.95 EUR, which actually disappear from the underlying account. Then you get to test if the charger actually works. In my case, it did not work in 13 out of 14 cases.

Aha, I see! Yes that’s a very old philosophy for running an EV network - there aren’t any left in the UK that charge a session fee only. They have all moved on to charging by kWh, which has the convenient bonus of forcing them to use a charging system that forces them to not take money if the charger doesn’t work!

Doesn’t sound like you’ve got a very reliable network at all there! My current absolute failure rate (I.e. to get a charge, I had to go to a different site) on public charging is 1 in 70!

Luckily, the dated and crappy Innogy network is not the only network in Germany.
At Tesla’s superchargers, I never experienced a failure. I did not even have to wait for a free charger once.
There is also the Ionity network: all fast chargers with 150 kW (faster than Tesla superchargers). Unfortunately, they recently raised the prices to an eye-watering 79 ct/kWh for non-BMW/VW users.

Yeah…Ionity is a joke and Tesla is it’s own thing!

Luckily in the UK we have a good 4 or 5 national networks so there’s some decent competition…!

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