Curve Customer Protection for Legacy Black Customer?


I have been moved to Legacy Black Category already as far as I can see in the App but after being moved to Legacy Black I received today an Email saying that:


With Curve Customer Protection, you’re covered for purchases up to £100,000.*
Crazy right? Not to mention you could get your claim refunded in 1 working day! Curve fills in the gaps Section 75 leaves you with and provides an added layer between you and unscrupulous sellers. When you spend with Curve, you can keep your peace of mind even after you let go of your money.

With Curve, you can make a claim when:

  • Your goods or services are not received
  • Your goods or services are defective or not as described
  • You receive counterfeit goods
  • You’re promised a refund by a merchant but you never receive it.

@Curve_Marie: So are Legacy Customers are also covered by the Curve Customer Protection Program? But I cannot see it anywhere within the app.


This is for all, not just Curve Black cardholders. :slight_smile:
This is what we call a chargeback process, and that’s always going through the system of Mastercard/Visa/Amex/Maestro etc. :slight_smile: Curve is just reassuring us that our money is safe even if we get scammed online.

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Got it! Thanks for the reply!


Curve purchase protection is for all customers regardless of plan or sign up date.

For more information on Curve Purchase Protection, please see this resource;