Curve customer support is moving in the right direction

With a lot of negativity on the forum, I would like to take a minute to appreciate how Curve has improved their response time over the last months. In the past it would more often than not take Curve several weeks to respond to an email, if they even responded at all. Lately, I’ve seen a huge decrease in response time and most of my emails has been responded to within a day. Good work!


That sounds encouraging, thanks for letting us know! Thankfully I’ve had no cause to contact them recently so it’s good to hear they seem to be improving :slight_smile:


Agreed. I’ve contacted them multiple times over the past month because of some Amazon cash back not being credited. I’m pleased to say not only were they quick to respond (same day usually a couple of hours) but they dealt with the issue on first contact.

Well done Curve!


I’ve had a ticket open for 8 days now, no answer. I don’t see any improvement sadly.

Same here, no reply tomorrow and i’ll have to go to my card provider, been waiting since the 4th of April for a refund that has not shown on the app at all, or my account clearly!

Really? That actually does surprise me, as I’ve said I’ve had excellent customer support for about a month or so now.

I’d be interested to see what all of these support queries are for.

Back when the whole company was in crisis mode, certain types of query were responded to super quickly, and others were left and never replied to.

I would not be surprised if anything vaguely complicated or not covered by a template response was just left in the hope that it’d be forgotten about.

Mostly missing Cashback from Amazon purchases (due to being Amazon Marketplace). These weren’t template, or “canned” responses.

I’ve even had “follow up” emails/ticket updates from Curve to confirm problem resolved, obviously these seemed to be “canned” … but nonetheless in my opinion, Support are back on track.

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That’s not a particularly difficult thing for them to deal with though, to be fair.

My point is that I wouldn’t be surprised if they still ignored anything that involved much effort. The test of customer support is how well they deal with something that isn’t an average day-to-day issue.

The followup emails are generated automatically by Zendesk.

I’m not saying it is, but there have been other queries - Agreed nothing too technical.

Based on my queries that have been submitted Curve are better whereas a couple of months ago, ANY query would appear to take days/weeks to even get a reply. So this would suggest in itself that there has been a significant improvement. (For me, in my opinion)

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I had a query for American Express yesterday… it took me 90 seconds to get through to a human and the whole call lasted less than 10 minutes. Even if Curve have improved to same day responses is this length of time really acceptable in 2019?

Not to me!

The last time I had a query, first direct sorted it out fully, in plain English, on the phone in 2 minutes and 47 seconds. No menus, nil hold time.

No need to try and explain the problem in an email, no need to wonder whether a third party email handling system was working.

True… but Curve doesn’t offer telephone “support” – So alas, everything is done via email or within the app. However, I did have a query a month or so ago and they actually called me. As a result, my query was sorted within a few minutes.

Telephone support is always better, but at this moment in time not an option for Curve?!

I’ve only had the card for a month, so I can only talk about recent experiences, but every query or issue I’ve emailed Curve about has been addressed within 24 hours.

Which I’m pretty happy about. Thanks Curve staff!


Well said, I totally agree. Nothing like a good moan and there is certainly plenty on this Forum. Curve are doing a great job and there has been a vast improvement in response to emails etc.


Well done. I agree.

I’m not moaning. If curve really have improved that’s great.

But they seem to want me to consider them to be better than all of my other financial service providers, so I see no reason not to hold them to the same standard.

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Have you opened any tickets lately to see for yourself how Curve have improved over the past few months.

I opened a ticket this morning (10am’ish) regarding Tesco Pay at Pump not working, and this afternoon (1530’ish) I received a response and a “fix” on my account.

I would consider this response time acceptable.


This thread has gone distinctly off-topic (it’s more now about the relative merits of other providers).

Can we get back on topic - Curve CS, please?

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In fairness, all I was trying to do was point out what I consider good customer service to look like.