Curve declined since 16th April despite enough funds

Rather embarrassingly this happened to me at a work canteen and then again at a shop. I contacted Curve and they asked me to do it again which I did the next day and it was still declined. Its been a week now and I’ve point hard that they’re investigating but the amount of time is taken then to get back to me is worrying. I’m due to travel on Sunday to the US ash’s if its not resolved I’ll just close the whole thing duan as the customer experience has been woeful. Back to Monzo for me. Nice whilst it lasted but this type of behaviour smacks off something isn’t right with Curve in my opinion. Moreover there was a lost similar to this 4 days a go that had been removed but you can still see the search result in Google search cache.

My curve was declined today in the morning as well. It was accepted yesterday at 22:00 in the same shop i was today at 07:45, but today it did not work. I tried several times and used a fallback after that. The underlying card has enough funds, and the app generated a notification that the card was declined. Now i do not know where to start to search for the issue, and just hope it works out until tonight.

My curve card was declined too since 5.30am GMT this morning while I am using it overseas.

First merchant I tried twice, the first time the cashier was apologetic, unsure if their card machine had connection problem. So ended up with 2 failed transactions.

Second merchant I tried again, same card, too got declined.

So, this morning, 3 failed transactions, but still balance were deducted from my underlying credit card as if everything went successfully.

In the Curve App, Curve still showed I made 3 transactions, with converted currency amount, despite these were declined at the till and I had to use my other card to pay.

Turned out I was the one who had to apologise for presenting a failed card - very not cool!



Thanks @Lucas, that’s a great resource, I instantly subscribed to text message notifications! :+1: