Curve - Does it work with "Airtime Rewards"

If I link my Curve account whih is fast becoming my only card to use (Contactless primarily) will it log transactions so I can use it with Airtime rewards?

For those that dont know Airtime Rewards offers cashback off your mobile phone bill when you spend at certain companies. It uses mastercard or visa to automatically track transactions etc


Yes, I have used it in the past.


Nope they don’t.

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thats a real shame and 2 posts with conflicting answers. Can Curve work on this, it seems Airtime Rewards tracks spending via Mastercard so surely its possible with the Curve mastercard?

It would prevent me using Curve is other retailers are offering more than the 1% cashback which isnt a good thing for Curve.

Yeah but once of them is an official answer from the company concerned but I can understand how hard it is to choose one…

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Only with a few companies, it’s not everybody on the high street. Not saying Curves offering is much better but…

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Yeah I agree. Would still be better for this technology to work though as the whole point of curve is not having to think about which card to use, you just use one.

Something for curve to consider I suppose

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It’s not Curve’s fault as remember Airtime Rewards tracks your transaction to make the award. Curve is a card that then links to your original card for transactions. I think that Airtime Rewards quite rightly would have to do a lot of work to untangle that for not much benefit.

Or maybe they just don’t want to accept Curve cards it could be just that simple.

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Airtime rewards doesn’t work with Curve yet unfortunately :smirk:

It does work, these were all transactions made with my curve card:

The official answer says they don’t support transactions made “through” Curve cards - maybe that means that if you register your underlying card with airtime and pay via Curve, it won’t track (which would make sense, as in that case Curve is the merchant). I registered my Curve card itself, not the underlying card, and it works fine.


Great stuff. Thanks for that!

Ill just keep the curve registered then with Airtime rewards rather than adding any others

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Do you know, I had to read this a few times before I realised what you were saying, but yes - I think you’re right. I interpreted the official answer as referring to using the physical Curve card itself, but your interpretation makes more sense.

Anyway, while the official answer is “no we don’t support transactions via Curve cards” I also registered my Curve card itself when I first joined Airtime Rewards and have used it numerous times since - never had a problem, either using the Curve card itself or Google Pay with Curve as the selected card.

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I can also confirm that Curve does work with Airtime, been working for months for me :+1:t4:

I think it maybe depends on what retailer you shop with. For example I get rewards tracked all the time at Boots but I’ve tried at Argos before and it didn’t work.

Yes it does. I have received from Boots purchases. My purchases from Wilko never track but I never bother to follow up

It’s worked for me with Argos numerous times.

It does work. Pretty much all of my tracked transactions on Airtime Rewards are made through Curve.

However I have registered ALL of my cards on there, so both curve and underlying cards are both on there. It doesn’t track twice but covers me in case I use another card anytime.

So you see from others posts on here I wasn’t just talking out of my hat but from experience.

As you can see I’ve given the official response. I really don’t have anything else to say on the matter.

Not as far as I’ve found. Boots works like clockwork, as does Argos (albeit a bit slower).

Wilko is odd though - not one purchase at my local Wilko has tracked since new year, so much so my missed transactions list is 99% Wilko. Transactions at other Wilko branches do track though.