Curve doesn’t work at automatic fuel pump

Hi, I’ve got a curve card where is activated the function to work at automatic fuel pomp.
It was abilited through email customer support.
But it still doesn’t work. Could you please help me? Customer support is still investigating for months…

Good evening,
All information connected to your Curve card, account, and transactions is considered personal information that we cannot discuss on the forum. There are various reasons for why a decline occurred and our Customer Support team have the expertise to pinpoint what happened and help you out.

Almost all European bank cards do NOT work at U.S. gas stations fuel pomps. You always have to walk in. Thats because U.S. payment systems use a system called AVS (Address Verification System). It asks for your zip code and checks with the issueing bank of your card (via MasterCard / Visa) if that zip code is the same as your billing address of the card.
I have not heard of a single bank in Western Europe that supports AVS, therefore, everytime when you use a payment solution system (such as automatic fuel stations) and it checkes the AVS, the European bank declindes the AVS check, therefore, card is declined.

Sometimes entering 99999 as zip code works, since that stands for “other state”, but I’d say it only works for 10% of the time.


I have exactly the same issue at all French petrol stations, on the autoroutes or off the autoroutes. The only thing I can do is to constantly carry my Visa. Yet, if the station is open I can pay inside. Why is this? I did 2000 km this year :face_with_monocle:.

For help re the US I regularly audited there and only Visa or MasterCard from European banks worked regularly at the fuel pump … in 10 years I never had an issue with those 2 … if that helps.

I have the same issue at Tesco Pay at Pump in the UK. Tried twice a week or so apart, card was declined both times.


I’ve found entering numbers from my postcode + trailing zeros to work more reliably recently in the US.

I’ve also found my Monzo debit card to work reliably at the pump, Revolut was declined everytime. Had to put it through as ‘credit’ (and use address) rather than ‘debit’ and use PIN though!

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unfortunately didnt work for me on TESCO uk pay pump

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There are unfortunately still issues with Curve card acceptance at Tesco and Asda automatic fuel pumps. We are working on a resolution and hope to share good news soon.


In Italy it doesn’t work anywhere…

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Doesn’t work at Morrisons pay at pump either :slight_smile:

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Maybe the new debit card works better thant the “beta” pre-paid curve card ?

Works fine in New Zealand. No issues.

Curve debit doesn’t work at Morrisons pumps

So it is, in theory, possible to use your curve card at pay at pump stations. I recall reading in the T&C’s that this wasn’t possible. Has this changed?

  • You tried to pay at an automatic petrol pump which isn’t currently permitted due to restrictions put in place by our payment processor;

Seems you can’t do it, this is in the FAQs

Same here, my curve card shows up as declined when I use the card at the Tesco self serve filling station in the UK.

I’m not sure if Tesco filling station does not accept mastercard or just curve card.

It doesn’t work at NPD stations for me in March.

I regularly use Curve for automatic fuel pumps in Italy, branded T2 24/24, the cheapest accepting credit cards payment.
Never had an issue with Curve so far.

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Q8, Eni e TotalErg non ne vogliono sentire :expressionless: :confused: