Curve employee tried to scam me

i had made a purchase for something costing 116.20 however it was then refunded, instead of them refunding it to original payment they refunded it to curve cash card without asking my permission, i asked them amend this as i wanted to withdraw my money and did not give permission for it to go to that card, they then done it again with a 2nd refund i had however that one they then amended it back to original card used, i then requested again they amend the first one and i then had a colleague lie to me and say i have already received a partial refund and would need to pay/be charged £38 by curve to then get the rest of my money, i told them they are completely incorrect, that £38 partial refund was from a complete different order from weeks and weeks before this most recent one, i then was ignored for 3weeks, after many many email threads, many many in app chats i then asked for my refund and to close my account and continuously been ignored have asked for it to be passed to a manager or give me a call back and heard nothing, so first they have taken my money and then secondly a curve worker tried to scam me for my money

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Send an email to

i already have done that 3 times, still hear nothing

Hello @dimdad,

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I have moved your post out of the General Chat to the Help section.
This looks like a misunderstanding/miscommunication for me.

Here is how refunds work:
When a merchants sends a refund Curve tries to match it with your transactions, if Curve cannot match the transaction then the refund goes into your Curve Cash balance. You just need to contact the support and ask friendly if they can manually check your case and send the funds to the original card once it is in your Curve Cash balance.

Could you try to reach out to the social media team on Twitter @AskCurve, a simple direct message is enough. They can check your ticket and solve it or forward it to another department/agent.

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incorrect, is not a form of miscommunication as ive explained this to them 20 times on multiple chats and email threads and ive also asked nicely for them to change it over to the correct card and nothing was done and then had them try to scam me

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As a user powered community we can’t really do much to help you, however what I can to is to tag the Community Manager @Curve_Joel and see if he can in any way help you to fix your issue.


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Thanks for looping me in @patrice58.
I’m in touch with the customer experience teams and complaints teams to let them know you’re unhappy with the experience you’ve received while dealing with this issue, @dimdad. I’ll let you know when I have an update on their action plan to correct this for you.

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