Curve experience in different countries

Hi! I would like to know about any plans Curve might have in order to make it’s offer more compelling in Europe (non-UK, especially in countries that don’t use euro as their currency).


  • We don’t have Metal at all
  • We have worse insurance terms (for limited countries, I personally have no insurance at all)
  • We didn’t even have Amex back when this was still a thing

The only upgrade I get as a Polish user with Curve Black is:

  • unlimited spending abroad instead of 500 GBP limit (worth noting Revolut does up to 20000 PLN for free with only 0.5% thereafter)
  • 400 GBP instead of 200 of fee-free foreign withdrawals

All of that for 10 euros/month. IMHO that’s a ridiculous price, keeping in mind that with 2% fx fee over the limit the plan it only pays off after paying over 1000 GBP in foreign currencies every month. I would also want to add that Poland doesn’t use euro as its official currency, so I don’t see the point of using it to bill for services.

By the way, are these limits really in euros or pounds? The T&C specifically mention British pounds, while the app says about euros.


:wave: Hello @Pawel,

Yes, there is and we completely agree that we need to strengthen our offer to customers across Europe! The first step will be Curve Cash with more relevant retailers.

We wish to bring Metal to all our customers! I’ll check in with the leadership team for more info, which might take a while. I not guessing what “a while” would be - I am on it and you will have more info when I know more :grimacing:


I would like to know as well about expansion plans in Europe for curve metal. I would love to have it in Denmark soon. Could you please update about it when you have info?
Thank you :wink: