Curve Experiences 2022 📸

Curve Experiences 2022 :camera_flash:

Hey everyone! :wave:

After seeing so many great contributions to Curve experiences, we’re excited to announce a new photo competition to celebrate the new card design! This means we want to see your photos from spending with Curve since the new year!

To enter into this competition, please submit your photos in this thread making sure that they meet the following three conditions:

1) The Curve card must be in the picture though it doesn’t need to be the focus.
2) The Curve card must be either one of our premium subscription cards or the new design.
2) A purchase or experience you paid for with Curve must be visible in the picture.

Get spending and snapping- we’ll be picking three of the best to crown our winners on March 1st! :camera_flash: :money_with_wings:


So those paying online and through apps are excluded

Hey @Daddykay, so long as you show the Curve card with the item or experience purchased I don’t see why this should be a barrier for entry! :grin:

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I’ve just found this, although not meeting the criteria above, thought I’d share my pup last year and Curve Metal Investors card (when I was on that tier)…


Love it! :grin::+1:

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You can have a free pass- this is absolutely adorable and the world needed to see this. :heart:


Your pet belongs in here :grin::+1:

.O/T Smiley post - Introduce your pet(s)

We need to see more love in these forums :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


Thanks Joel. Shame I couldn’t use Curve Card to purchase him! :laughing:

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My wife baked this

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This looks amazing! What sort of pie was it, cherry? :eyes:

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That looks delicious! :grin::+1:

Puppy seed and blueberries, the white stuff is cottage cheese and mascarpone

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